Get access to csh (default freebsd shell) for root to solve login problem.

Thomas Keusch fwd at
Sun Jul 4 16:18:32 UTC 2010

On Sun, Jul 04, 2010 at 05:02:59PM +0100, Luca Renaud wrote:


> The root shell is now bash,but I was unaware that bash was not
> self-contained(it depends at least of,
> and doing some upgrades with ports I erased,now I cannot access
> the root account because bash is
> not operational and I need root access to install again,or any
> other way to solve the problem.
> So,how can I get access to csh for root without having access to a root
> shell(the previously defined bash does
> not work,and I need root access to change the shell for the root acount).

if you haven't activated the 'toor' account (another UID 0 account besides
root), you'll have to boot from fixit media (or another live cd / system) and
go from there.


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