pxe LiveCD setup

Carl Chave carl at chave.us
Sun Jul 4 04:00:47 UTC 2010

> After a very cursory setup, it works!  I took notes and will write it up in
> a bit.
> The only complaint I have so far is the speed of download via tftp.  A 236M
> ISO took two minutes to load, or about 2M per second.  A full CD takes a
> long, long time.  Is that typical, or maybe just the poor Ethernet on this
> Aspire One D250?

I haven't timed them so I can't say for sure.  The biggest file I
currently use is a windows PE .iso and it does take a bit to transfer.
 I'll breakout the stopwatch next week and see.  My DHCP/tftp server
is a Sunfire V240 with Solaris 10.  I was having a horrible time with
the default tftp server and switched to tftpd-hpa which helped a lot,
especially with being able to remap \ to /.

Floppy images work well also. I've got a Freedos boot disk floppy
image with 3com's universal PXE ethernet driver for dumping and
restoring ghost images.  Works out of the box with every PXE client
I've tried, no need to have custom boot disks with different nic

One of the tweaks I did with the grldr file was to hex edit a section
so it goes straight to the menu instead of cycling though the mac
address variations.  Then I added the company logo to the background
of the menu... and ... nobody sees it but me!

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