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Matthew Seaman m.seaman at infracaninophile.co.uk
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On 03/07/2010 07:13:13, Aiza wrote:
> From the console of a jail I issue uname –r and get 8.0-RELEASE-p3,
> which is the release level of the host. I know the jail is running a
> pristine minimum install of 8.0-RELEASE.

The uname information is compiled into the kernel -- so all jails will
show the information relevant to the host system.  The problem arises
when a security patch applies to userland, and not the kernel, as
updating the host system does not necessarily mean the update has been
applied to the jails.

> I would think issuing uname from within a jail environment should
> respond with the info of the jail environment. Is this not a security
> violation?

It can result in security problems, yes.  The real problem there is an
incorrect approach to applying security updates to jailed systems. Even
so, not having a reliable means of telling per-jail that patches have or
have not been applied is a flaw.

Whether you can do this within the POSIX specification for uname without
adversely affecting backwards compatibility is a good question
Perhaps a simple solution would be to compile a constant string value
showing system version and patch level into libc.so and have a small
utility to print that data out.  Since this is independent of the
kernel, it should fulfill the requirements, but it does mean that
*every* system update requires a new libc.so and hence a restart of all
running processes to apply fully.

While I'm here -- why doesn't FreeBSD use a simple version number like
7.3.4 rather than saying 7.3-RELEASE-p4?  I realize that historically
there have been point releases like 5.2.1-RELEASE but the whole
Security/Errata branch concept was developed partly in response to such
things, and the whole release engineering process is done differently now.



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