'file' Command Giving False Positives

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at be-well.ilk.org
Fri Jul 2 15:25:24 UTC 2010

Tim Daneliuk <tundra at tundraware.com> writes:

> I have a data file with the content:
>    LZasdadqjwjqwjqwjeqwe
> 'file' (incorrectly) reports this as an MS-DOS executable.

Why is it incorrect?  "LZ" as the first two bytes in a file is (unless
my memory is badly mistaken) exactly what the old command.com looked for
as the flag of an executable.

> Does anyone happen to know the proper changes to 'magic' that would
> fix this?

That would be tricky, given that MS-DOS *would*, in fact, think this
file was a valid executable.  I don't think the syntax of "magic" is
powerful enough to distinguish this from a "real" executable.  You might
be able to do it by adding file(1) support for looking for invalid
opcodes, but that would get hairy very quickly...

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