/boot is full after running "make installkernel" on FreeBSD 8.0

krad kraduk at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 1 21:07:42 UTC 2010

On 1 July 2010 21:12, Ed Flecko <edflecko at gmail.com> wrote:

> Since it would be smart to have at least one known, good kernel, why
> not make the / partition maybe 1G?
> I know the smaller the / partition, the better the performance (since
> it's the first partition of the drive), but I can't imagine a slightly
> larger / partition would impact performance that much, do you think?
> Ed
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On ufs installs I tend to have a single 8GB partition for /, I then hang
/tmp, /var, /home, and /usr/local off it along with any other fs i need.

When doing a zfs root install I obviously dont have to specify the size.
However I still tend to put on an 8GB reservation on it.

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