/boot is full after running "make installkernel" on FreeBSD 8.0

Anders Andersson anders.freebsd at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 20:08:58 UTC 2010

> A healthy fear, indeed.
> For one thing, I'd certainly rather have someone
> do "rm /boot/kernel.old/*.ko" than "rm -r /boot/kernel.old".
> Being even more selective is an obvious extension...

Why not move the old "useless" kernel to another drive. Sure if the system
kernel fails and you need the old one, there is a little bit more work, but
nothing that I can't see be solved by:
1. booting from a livecd
2. mount the /boot and /theotherpartition
3. move the kernel back and move the faulty one away
4. reboot

That saves you from deleting the entire computer/world/Internet and save the
old kernel as well. However, I have never done this myself but the theory
sounds good.

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