/boot is full after running "make installkernel" on FreeBSD 8.0

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at be-well.ilk.org
Thu Jul 1 20:01:42 UTC 2010

Chip Camden <sterling at camdensoftware.com> writes:

> On Jul 01 12:07, Ed Flecko wrote:
>> Thanks guys.
>> :-)
>> Doesn't that seem odd that the "default" partition size for root
>> (512M) isn't quite big enough?
>> Should I make the partition size slightly larger (on future installs)
>> to eliminate this problem?
>> Ed
> I know *I* will.

*Considerably* larger, I would say.  The number of different kernel
 modules is growing all the time, and that's where the expansion is
 mostly coming from.

Or just make one large partition.  Not on a server, but I don't see much
reason for using multiple partitions on a laptop.

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