Newbie Issues With Crashing 8.0 Image

Tom Purl tom at
Thu Jul 1 16:19:52 UTC 2010

I'm running a FreeBSD 8.0 image in VirtualBox 3.2.4.  I use this image
as a "sandbox" environment for testing web apps.

I haven't used this image in a couple of months, and during that time,
I have updated VirtualBox multiple times.  Now, when I start my
FreeBSD image, the FreeBSD image crashes within 15 minutes.  I see a
*bunch* of error messages written to the console, but I'm having
issues capturing them.

To begin troubleshooting this issue, I would like to see the error
messages that are being thrown, but I'm having trouble finding them.
I looked in the /var/log directory, but I didn't see any error
messages.  I checked the following files:

* debug.log
* lastlog
* messages

None of these files contain any error messages at all.

Where can I go next to troubleshoot this issue?

Thanks in advance!

Tom Purl

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