problems with Policykit in KDE4.3 on Freebsd 8 amd64

Mark Moellering mark at
Thu Jul 1 13:23:47 UTC 2010

Apologies for the cross posting.
I recently did a fresh install of Freebsd 8 , amd64.
I then added Xorg and KDE (4.3) from the sysinstall packages system.

I read about policykit, which seems really cool.  I set-up PolicyKit in 
the KDE systems settings and things worked great (adding USB drives), 
until I rebooted.
Now it doesn't really work.  It seems to me that even though KDE saved 
my settings, it isn't initializing something at boot or login. 
Does anyone know what needs to be done?  Do I need to use kdm?  Add a 
line to rc.conf?  I am pretty good at Freebsd but getting KDE4 
subsystems working is still a little mysterious.

Any and all help appreciated.

thanks in advance

Mark Moellering
mark at

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