i386 wine on amd64 - DRI a lost cause?

xorquewasp at googlemail.com xorquewasp at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 1 12:00:17 UTC 2010

On 2010-07-01 15:28:00, Mikle Krutov wrote:
> Sorry for late-answer, but why are you running wine in jail?
> May be that's the source of the problem.
> For me, it was just installed into /usr/local/ as some other
>  program, some 32bit libs were in lib32, and so on.

As mentioned, I've tried it in a jail, a plain chroot and also completely
unchrooted and unjailed.

Wine itself works fine but DRI doesn't.

I recently wrote to freebsd-hackers@ and the response wasn't exactly
positive. Seems 32-bit DRI is basically expected to fail when talking
to a 64-bit kernel. Wine's not the one at fault here.


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