Recommendation on GPS time source for FreeBSD

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With a clear view of the sky, pretty much any receiver but the lowest grade (havIng a 1pps output) should behave about the same. Ceramic patch antennas should have a decent ground plane. If the antenna is small (e.g. most puck antenna/receivers) put in on a 10in or 12in round  metal disk (also blocks low-elevation reflected signals). 

Getting a lot better may involve considerable testing and characterization (i.e. $$'s), including site survey (line of sight obstacles, sources of multipath...), propagation/group delay in antenna/rf system, hardware involved in generating 1pps (slew rates...), sw tracking loop stability under various conditions (low signal level, addIng or dropping a satellite from the loop, ...). 


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> You can see here :

Meinberg is one of those companies that don't even put price
information on the web site:  If you have to ask, you can't afford

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