Problems with "make clean"

Frank Wißmann frank.wissmann41 at
Sun Jan 31 13:41:29 UTC 2010

Kevin Kinsey schrieb:
> Frank Wißmann wrote:
>> Hi, Beasties!
>> I just installed the new VirtualBox through ports. It worked fine, but 
>> now I have trouble cleaning the directory. Neither "make clean" nor a 
>> "rm -rf work/" do what they are supposed to. Here is the output:
>> rm: 
>> work/virtualbox-3.0.51r22902/out/freebsd.amd64/debug/obj/VBoxRT/VBox: 
>> Directory not empty
> No explanation, sorry.  Have you tried
> $chflags -R nosch work
> $rm -rf work
> ?

Hi, Kevin!
Of course I did it. But the result was the same: no removal possible. 
I'm still confused.
Thanks for your thoughts and have a nice sunday whereever you are!

Greetings Frank

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