apache22 and new hostname???

Gary Kline kline at thought.org
Sat Jan 30 22:50:41 UTC 2010


	As some of you might know, i am trying to host a friend's website on my
	DNS and web server.  Can anybody suggest what i have to add to my
	/usr/local/etc/apache22/* files and directories to get 
	http://www.anacondabuilders.us to display since I do not own this
	domain .  My builder friend, Steven Ross just bought the website.  I am
	trying to get his ".us" site be served on my DNS server; in my 
	/etc/namedb/* files.

	Steven's needs as a builder, home-repair, home-improvement, etc, are
	much simpler than my own web sites: basically one page with a few lines
	of text and photos of his work.   Since I am the {throat-clearing here}
	"designer," the KISS philosophy servers well.  But I do need the basics
	of having/serving/hosting two domains on one computer.


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