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On Sat, 30 Jan 2010 10:48:23 -0800 (PST)
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> Hi.
> I am very new to FreeBSD with several years of Linux experience.
> After installed FreeSDB for the first time, I wanted to install some
> packages. For example, samba.
> I found that
>    pkg_add -r samba 
> fails. I need to know specifically the samba version to install it. 
> To install, I needed do this:
>    pkg_add -r samba3
> This is difficult. Do I need to look up every package in advance on
> your website to understand what version I need to install?
> Isn't there a way to specify "Install the latest version of some
> package that is appropriate to the version of my installed FreeBSD"?

You didn't specify exactly what you wanted installed. Just specifying
'samba' is useless. There are several versions of samba, as well as
ports that begin with samba. For example:

Port:	ja-samba-3.0.35,1
Path:	/usr/ports/japanese/samba3
Info:	Japanese Samba

Port:	gnosamba-0.3.3_5
Path:	/usr/ports/net/gnosamba
Info:	Samba configuration tool for X Window System

Port:	gsambad-0.1.9_3
Path:	/usr/ports/net/gsambad
Info:	Gtk2 Frontend for samba daemon

Port:	p5-Samba-LDAP-0.05_1
Path:	/usr/ports/net/p5-Samba-LDAP
Info:	Manage a Samba PDC with an LDAP Backend

Port:	py26-samba-3.0.37
Path:	/usr/ports/net/py-samba
Info:	Python bindings for Samba

Port:	samba-libsmbclient-3.0.37
Path:	/usr/ports/net/samba-libsmbclient
Info:	Shared libs from the samba package

Port:	samba-nmblookup-3.0.37
Path:	/usr/ports/net/samba-nmblookup
Info:	NetBIOS Name lookup tool

Port:	samba-pdbsql-0.3.1_1
Path:	/usr/ports/net/samba-pdbsql
Info:	Multiplexor, MySQL and PostgeSQL passdb backends for Samba3

Port:	samba-smbclient-3.0.37
Path:	/usr/ports/net/samba-smbclient
Info:	Samba "ftp-like" client

Port:	samba-3.0.37,1
Path:	/usr/ports/net/samba3
Info:	A free SMB and CIFS client and server for UNIX

Port:	samba-3.2.15
Path:	/usr/ports/net/samba32
Info:	A free SMB and CIFS client and server for UNIX

Port:	samba-3.3.9
Path:	/usr/ports/net/samba33
Info:	A free SMB and CIFS client and server for UNIX

Port:	samba4-devel-4.0.0.a8_2
Path:	/usr/ports/net/samba4-devel
Info:	A free SMB and CIFS client and server for UNIX

Port:	samba4wins-1.0.7_1
Path:	/usr/ports/net/samba4wins
Info:	A full featured replicating WINS server for UNIX

Port:	sambasentinel-0.1_5
Path:	/usr/ports/net/sambasentinel
Info:	SambaSentinel is a gtk-frontend to smbstatus with
additional features

Port:	cups-samba-6.0_2
Path:	/usr/ports/print/cups-samba
Info:	The Common UNIX Printing System: MS Windows client drivers

Port:	samba-vscan-0.3.6c_2
Path:	/usr/ports/security/samba-vscan
Info:	On-access virus scanning with Samba

Port:	japanese/samba20
Moved:	japanese/samba
Date:	2003-04-13
Reason:	security vulnerability

Port:	net/samba-tng
Date:	2003-08-07
Reason:	port was marked broken for 3 months with no fix submitted

Port:	net/samba-devel
Moved:	net/samba3
Date:	2004-06-07
Reason:	considered stable

Port:	net/samba
Moved:	net/samba3
Date:	2006-09-02
Reason:	Security vulnerabilities

Port:	japanese/samba
Moved:	japanese/samba3
Date:	2008-07-21
Reason:	Superseded by japanese/samba3

Port:	net/samba32-devel
Moved:	net/samba32
Date:	2009-02-16
Reason:	Samba 3.2 became stable enough to be used in production.

Did you read man pkg_add(1) thoroughly before using the utility?

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