Software RAID options

Glen Barber glen.j.barber at
Sat Jan 30 04:21:28 UTC 2010


Danny Edge wrote: 
> What works for you and can you suggest a guide? I haven't setup a BSD server
> in 8 years, but my environment will be:

I've been using gmirror for some time, without problems.

> FreeBSD 7.2 Release
> x2 HD's (not the same size, if I need to spend the money, on two like

You really never specified your RAID type.  If it is RAID-0 (striping), as
the cliche goes, size doesn't matter.  If it is RAID-1, if you do not have
identically sized disks, the mirror will only be as large as the smallest
disk.  (This is mentioned in the handbook, as well.)

> I also plan on backing up via newbie rsync and SSH scripts.

May I suggest rsnapshot?


Glen Barber

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