How do I create a 40x40 pixel monochrome mage for KMail?

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Fri Jan 29 17:51:09 UTC 2010

On Fri, 29 Jan 2010 12:41:06 -0500, Steven Friedrich <freebsd at> wrote:
> I have a webcam, but it won't take  a monochrome picture and it doesn't 
> snapshot all the resolutions that it can display in. In particular, I tried 
> the two lowest and the lowest, sqcif, isn't supported by my webcam and qsif 
> seg faults. Those would have been 128x96 and 160x120.
> I figured that if I used the lowest resolution, I could crop out a 40x40 
> image.

You can use ImageMagick's convert command to scale the
image, and turn it into monochrome; see "man convert"
for -resize and -monochrome parameters. It's even possible
to use Gimp for this task. :-)

> Kopete also supports a 200x200 pixel image, but I think it requires exactly 
> 200x200, so 128x96 won't work.

You can use "!" with -resize to force a specific image
size, even if it violates the source picture's aspect
ratio (which -resize usually keeps).

> I thought that someone said they used kamera to take a snapshot with their 
> webcam but Logitech webcams aren't listed.

Maybe you can use gtkam / gphoto2 to talk to the Logitech
camera? I don't own one because I'm familiar with the fact
that they are not standard-compatible and that's why not

> I can take one with pwcview, which is what I was talking about above.

You can even use a "regular" digital camera to take the
photo, transfer it from the camera (or its CF or SD storage)
and then postprocess it with ImageMagick.

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