Intel D510MO Mini-ITX Motherboard - Is anyone using FreeBSD on this?

Dan Naumov dan.naumov at
Fri Jan 29 09:36:16 UTC 2010

><closing out this thread>
>I did go ahead and buy one of these boards and can now report that
>FreeBSD-8.0/i386 boots and runs on it with no apparent problems.  A user
>in the forums reports similar success running 8.0/amd64.
>Extremely quiet and inexpensive board. At around $80, it is one-third
>the cost of the Supermicro boards.
>Not much use as a space heater, however; I've had it running for more
>than 24 hours, busily recompiling ports, and the heatsink is just barely
>warm to the touch.  Next time I reboot it I'm going to plug it into my
>Kill-a-Watt meter to measure its power draw...

Reports of successes with both adm64 andi386 versions of 8.0-RELEASE
and Intel D510MO board have been showing up on a few different
discussion forums now.

I have to correct myself in regard to the Supermicro X7SPA-H board.
The board seems to be roughly 2 times as expensive as the Intel D510MO
(~75$ for the D150MO vs $150-170$ for the X7SPA-H). However, these
prices seem to only be like that in the US. When looking at European
prices, it seems that the D510MO board goes for about 75-80 euro and
the X7SPA-H goes for about 190-230 euro, depending on country and
reseller. So while the Supermicro board is roughly twice as expensive
as the Intel board in the US, it's roughly 3 times as expensive if you
are buying in Europe.

I still ended up going with the X7SPA-H though (finally pulled the
plug on ordering all the parts for a new system yesterday), mainly
because it saves me the trouble of immideately having to hunt for an
additional disk controller card: the D510MO has only 2 SATA ports and
a PCI slot for expansion (and I have REALLY burned myself badly on the
performance of PCI disk controller cards in the past), while the
X7SPA-H comes with 6 native SATA ports on an ICH9R controller and has
a 4xPCIE (in 16x physical form) for expansion.

- Sincerely,
Dan Naumov

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