Intel D510MO Mini-ITX Motherboard - Is anyone using FreeBSD on this?

Charlie Kester corky1951 at
Thu Jan 28 23:26:04 UTC 2010

On Mon 25 Jan 2010 at 02:00:47 PST Charlie Kester wrote:
>I'm thinking of ordering one of these motherboards, which have the
>newest dual-core Atom processor and NM10 chipset.  I'm intrigued by its
>low-power, fanless operation.  I already have FreeBSD running on one of
>the older Atom mobo's, so I know not to expect high-end performance from
>these inexpensive processors.  But that older board has an annoyingly
>noisy fan, and I'd like to replace it.
>Has anyone already tried putting FreeBSD on one of these?  Any

<closing out this thread>

I did go ahead and buy one of these boards and can now report that
FreeBSD-8.0/i386 boots and runs on it with no apparent problems.  A user
in the forums reports similar success running 8.0/amd64.

Extremely quiet and inexpensive board. At around $80, it is one-third
the cost of the Supermicro boards.  

Not much use as a space heater, however; I've had it running for more
than 24 hours, busily recompiling ports, and the heatsink is just barely
warm to the touch.  Next time I reboot it I'm going to plug it into my
Kill-a-Watt meter to measure its power draw...

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