Is their Automatic command to send a JPG file using FTP

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The script that I have setup does not work if I run the .netrc file. I
ran the commands in ftp -v mode and it did not like machine command, did
not like passwd or pwd etc. 


login VJ

password  123456

macdef init


lcd /ftp

cd /var/temp

get newemp.db



If I use this command in .netrc it connects to the server but it does
not connect using my login name VJ, it  points to some other name.

ftp <ftp://ftp> 

 .netrc simply doesn't work in FreeBSD.

Is their someone who has a working script. Thanks!!!




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In the last episode (Jan 27), Dixit, Viraj said:

> I am looking to see if there a command or a script In BSD Os that will

> allow me to ftp to a server automatically and get a file from another

> server.  User name and passwd will be already in the script so it will

> ftp and download a file or a JPG from that server.  Like in Linux OS

> is a command using .netrc file and you can script that file and will

> automatically do what is in the file at time interval that you want. 

> Thanks,


FreeBSD's ftp command supports .netrc files.  Is your current script not




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