gjournal on compact flash

Nikos Vassiliadis nvass9573 at gmx.com
Thu Jan 28 16:42:39 UTC 2010


I am using a 40MB journal on a 500MB compact flash.
Would that be sane, or I am causing more harm than

My concerns are:
1) wear leveling. The journal is on specific part
	of the "disk" writing again and again. That
	should be handled by the CF itself. Though
	I am not sure it does a good job???
2) I do care about ungraceful power cycles and I've seen
	posts on the net, mentioning:
> More, If
>    you interrupt power at arbitrary times while the device is writing,
>    you can lose the integrity of the file system being modified. The loss
>    is not limited to the 512 byte sector being modified, as it generally
>    is  with rotating disks; you can lose an entire erase block, maybe 64K
>    at once.
	I guess the above comment renders the use
	of a journaling filesystem useless. But, doing
	some naive tests, power cycling the machine
	while writing and checksumming the data after
	fsck in preen mode, revealed no error.

Thanks in advance for any insights, Nikos

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