How do you manage your jails?

Christer Solskogen christer.solskogen at
Thu Jan 28 14:21:54 UTC 2010

So you have installed a FreeBSD server and setup several jails on your
system. They run the services they need and everything works smoothly. But
how do manage all of them? What do you do if you want to run a command on
all jails? Do you run cfengine/puppy? How do you setup sendmail? Do
you have sendmail on all jails?
Do you share ports to all jails? How do you keep ports up to date on them?
Do you have a set of scripts that you want to share? On you'll find what I use.

I'm preparing a talk for BLUG (the local Linux/BSD group) and I want to know how
YOU manage your jails, there sure are more than one way do it.


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