Help booting FreeBSD with a ZFS root filesystem

krad kraduk at
Thu Jan 28 09:41:29 UTC 2010

On 27 January 2010 23:18, Dan Naumov <dan.naumov at> wrote:

> >I didn't want a mirror though, I wanted a stripe.
> >
> >I still don't understand why what I'm doing isn't working.
> As far as I know, having the root pool on a stripe isn't supported.
> OpenSolaris supports having the root pool on a "simple" pool and a mirror
> pool.
> FreeBSD supports having the root pool on a simple pool, mirror pool
> and raidz, but afaik booting off raidz used to have issues.
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> Dan Naumov
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Even if a stripe did work its questionable why you need it for the os
itself. Mostly you only need to read from the os pool, so you will still
benefit from the speed of 2 drives with a mirror. If you are worried about
db writes etc, then partition up the drives and have another pool for the db
with the zpool configuration you want. Better still put it on its own

Use tmpfs for tmp space etc and you could put swap on the striped pool as
well. Just keep the os pool as a mirror its far safer. I also set copies=2
on the root zfs fs as well just for a bit more paranoia

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