Intel Pro/Wireless3945 issue

dhaneshk k dhaneshkk at
Wed Jan 27 16:28:48 UTC 2010

Fellow FreeBSDians,


  I am trying to configure  my laptop for  wireless connectivity to a broadband connection.


these are the steps I followed, I don't know what  I made wrong, please help to fix the issue..


1 ) To  /boot/loader.conf



if_wpi_load = "YES"

wlan_load = "YES"

wlan_amrr_load = "YES"

firmware_load = "YES"

wpifw_load = "YES"



save and rebooted the machine




2) issued the command  ifconfig wpi0 up scan


but nothing is reported for  this command



3) then I checked  the out  put  of    ifconfig


it showing  wpi0    but  no carriers  for the device


I am using  FreeBSD-7.2 i386 release.  Wireless card is   Intel Pro/Wireless  3945 . (In  Windows XP  it works from this Windows I am sending this mail via   Wireless  access)  Any help  most welcome.


thanks in advance


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