PCIe audio cards: what is tob be preferred with FreeBSD 8.0/9-CURRENT?

Alban Hertroys dalroi at solfertje.student.utwente.nl
Mon Jan 25 11:03:59 UTC 2010

On 24 Jan 2010, at 17:36, O. Hartmann wrote:

> At this moment, I look for the Soundblaster X-Fi range of PCIe cards, but I'm not sure whether they are supported by FreeBSd 8/9. Any suggestions?

I'm actually looking for a replacement for my X-Fi (I have the PCI X-Fi Gamer). The sound quality isn't great and it's only supported in Windows. I believe there's an effort going on to get a functioning driver on Linux at the moment.

Besides that, the card I have got some proprietary connectors for digital audio that you need to buy some kind of dongle for that dangles outside your case. You can fit a 3.5mm optical jack in the proprietary connector, but the signal isn't SP/DIF - my receiver has no idea what to do with it.

The more expensive versions probably don't have that problem, they have plenty of connections for all kinds of signals after all.

Alban Hertroys

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