Migration planning - old system to new

Erich Dollansky oceanare at pacific.net.sg
Mon Jan 25 01:01:42 UTC 2010


On 24 January 2010 pm 15:35:20 Doug Hardie wrote:
> On 23 January 2010, at 22:42, John wrote:
> I just tried it with FreeBSD 7.2 creating a tar file.  Digging
> through the file it shows the ascii names for owner and group -
> not uid/gid.  I un-tar'd it on a Mac and sure enough it used
> the names and the uids are quite different for the two
> systems._______________________________________________

what happens if you first create the user names on the target 
system and then open the archive?

It would be then very easy to move files accross systems. I never 
have had to do this.


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