Loader, MBR and the boot process

Romain Garbage romain.garbage at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 14:38:10 UTC 2010

2010/1/22, Dan Naumov <dan.naumov at gmail.com>:

> Putting the swap into it's own slice and then putting FreeBSD into
> it's own slice worked fine. So why the hell can't they both coexist in
> 1 slice if the swap comes first?

Similar problem here: I have a full-zfs system in a bsd slice, but I
have the zfs-freebsd partition before the swap one. The problem is
that the system doesn't seem to detect the swap partition partition (I
see "swapon: /dev/ada0s1b: No such file or directory" during boot)

% bsdlabel /dev/ada0s1
# /dev/ada0s1:
8 partitions:
#        size   offset    fstype   [fsize bsize bps/cpg]
  a: 53043200        0       ZFS
  b:  9883342 53043200      swap
  c: 62926542        0    unused        0     0         # "raw" part, don't edit

but to see ada0s1b in /dev/ I have to reload geom_bsd module (loading
it at boot time doesn't work).

Even though (but this seems to be another problem):
% sudo swapon /dev/ada0s1b
swapon: /dev/ada0s1b: Operation not permitted


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