Finding Drivers For winWiFi Card

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On 1/23/2010 10:51 PM, Polytropon wrote:
> On Sat, 23 Jan 2010 22:35:32 -0600, Programmer In Training <pit at> wrote:
>> I hope ifconfig will help more then dmesg as I have no way of getting
>> files (like dmesg.log that I created) off the box (floppy drive isn't
>> even hooked up, IIRC) and rl0 is my wired NIC, non-internal.
> The ifconfig program (often used as "ifconfig -a") tells
> you only about NICs that are already connected to a driver.
> Most wireless NICs require loading a specific kernel module
> (which is not in the GENERIC kernel), and therefore it's
> helpful to know what exact model it is, so you can load the
> correct driver. There are of course programs that help you
> with this: "pciconf -lv" and "usbdevs -v" are common tools

Thanks, this probably wouldn't be such an issue if I hadn't thrown away
the box two-three weeks ago (at least, I think I threw it out; I've had
the card for about a two years).

none3 at pci0:2:2:0: class 0x20000 card=0x1faa11ab chip=0x00351033 rev=0x43
	vendor = 'Marvell Semiconductor (Was: Galileo Technology LLC)'
	device = 'Marvell Libertas 02.llb/g Wireless (8335)'
	class = network
	subclass = ethernet

I can't find any wlan modules in /boot/kernel that aren't already loaded.

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