What sort of file system is this and how to mount it?

Chris Whitehouse cwhiteh at onetel.com
Sun Jan 24 00:09:25 UTC 2010

Warren Block wrote:
> On Sat, 23 Jan 2010, Chris Whitehouse wrote:
> ...
>> That makes me think ad4p2 is HFS or HFS+ so I installed hfsexplorer 
>> (http://hem.bredband.net/catacombae/hfsx.html) and it tells me ad4p2 
>> is an invalid HFS type.
>> So try a few other things
>> eco# mount /dev/ad4p2 /mnt
>> mount: /dev/ad4p2 : Invalid argument
>> eco# mount_msdosfs /dev/ad4p2 /mnt
>> mount_msdosfs: /dev/ad4p2: Invalid argument
>> eco# mount -t ext2fs /dev/ad4p2 /mnt
>> mount: /dev/ad4p2 : Invalid argument
>> Any ideas?
> file -s /dev/ad4p2 may be able to identify it.
> -Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota USA
Thanks for the tip, it is indeed HFS

eco# file -s /dev/ad6p2
/dev/ad6p2: Macintosh HFS Extended version 4 data last mounted by:
'HFSJ', created: Wed Jun  4 06:44:51 2008, last modified: Tue Mar 31
17:31:18 2009, last checked: Wed Jun  4 14:44:51 2008, block size: 4096,
number of blocks: 29221228, free blocks: 2704022

(I since plugged in another disk and moved this one to another slot 
which made this one ad6)

I tried hfsexplorer in Windows and could see the data.
hfsexplorer on FreeBSD says (handtyped)
Invalid HFS type
Program supports:
Detected type is (UNKNOWN)

and there is a stream of console messages ending with
CEncryptedEncoding structure not found. Proceeding...
Trying to detect UDIF structure...
UDIF structure not found. Proceeding...

Does mean hfsexplorer just doesn't work on FreeBSD?


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