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On Sat, Jan 23, 2010 at 12:05:39AM +0100, Polytropon wrote:
> On Thu, 21 Jan 2010 19:33:09 -0800, Gary Kline <kline at> wrote:
> > 	surprised how many things depend on that nspr...  wow.
> It seems to be because many other things depend on Netscape
> (or the corresponding HTML renderer or who knows what); from
> the port's description:
> 	Netscape Portable Runtime (NSPR) provides a
> 	platform-neutral API for system level and
> 	libc like functions. The API is used in the
> 	Mozilla client, many of Netscape/AOL/iPlanet's
> 	and other software offerings.
> So why port software complicatedly to FreeBSD when all
> the OS-specific stuff can be abstracted by another port? :-)

	It wasn't until I checked into the tests that I started to get a
	clue; and since i never checked into the code, I can't say that much.  
	But if these functions were to be a kind of libc that compiled and ran
	Everywhere, these guys deserve five gold stars.
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