FreeBSD 8.0 amd64 on Nehelem Xeon?

Nerius Landys nlandys at
Sat Jan 23 00:14:59 UTC 2010

> There probably are some. If you are only interested in FreeBSD ports, you
> can make a list of which ports you need and then inspect their Makefiles to
> see if there's a flag disabling them on the amd64 architecture.

OK thanks.  Could you give me an example of a port that is disabled on
64 bit and tell me what I will find in the Makefile, so I can look for
it on other ports?

> Additional information for Nehalems is that you should stick to the more
> widely available models - the 4 core+HTT ones. Some of the more exotic ones
> (6 core) might have problems with ULE and topology guesswork.

The L5506 is a 4 core model without Turbo Boost and without Hyper
Threading.  It's a power-efficient model.  Think that'll be OK?

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