xdm and xdmcp

rhino64 at postmail.ch rhino64 at postmail.ch
Thu Jan 21 19:02:04 UTC 2010

Hi All,
   Is-it possible to run xdm with remote access through XDMCP protocol on freebsd 8 ?
I have tried almost anything: commenting line about port 0 in xdm-config,
modifying Xaccess, starting xdm with parameter "udpPort 177".

The command "netstat -a" never indicates that a process is listening on that port. 

With wdm, the listening is possible but I cannot start the X server even if the server alone
is perfectly working and if it is correctly started by xdm.

I don't want to use kdm or gdm since they are too heavy (almost all kde and gnome should be
installed with them).

Any ideas would greatly appreciated,


Alain Aubord

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