Unique id of a process (not pid)

cronfy cronfy at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 17:03:00 UTC 2010


Is there any unique identifier of a process in FreeBSD (not PID)?

I am trying to get list of processes and watch for changes
with kvm_getprocs(). I want to catch every process start and exit (except
those processes that were started and finished between calls to

But between calls to this function one process may exit and be replaced with
another process with the same pid and same command name. The only difference
is a start time of processes. Looks like this is a solution, but process
start time may change if system time was shifted (i. e. with ntpdate). I can
track these shifts too, but it looks to be too complex.

Is there any simpler way to identify a process? Thanks in advance.

// cronfy

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