very low upload speed to any FTP daemons

Denis Chumachenko uchti at
Thu Jan 21 07:44:32 UTC 2010

I've tried pure-ftpd and vsftpd and got very low upload speed (~200kb/s) 
per a connection. but when I download on the server using wget speed is 

on the ftpclient from which I do upload if to increase the param I/O 
buffer size till 1Mb upload speed increases to ~2Mb/s

when I use these ftp demons on the Linux server there is no such kind of 
problem and I do not need to correct I/O buffer size it seems it is 
identified automatically on Linux.

how should I set up FreeBSD to increase default I/O buffer or identify 
it automatically for ftp incoming connections.

please advise if you are able.

thanks a lot!

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