Receive email from Exchange 2003

Truong Thu Bac vbac at
Thu Jan 21 03:08:24 UTC 2010

Dear Mr/Ms,


I want to build a Internal Email System between a PC with FreeBSD OS and
Exchange 2003 (Email Server)


Current, I got  a Proxy Server (IP: within FreeBSD OS. I
installed Sendemail Software and Qpopper Software.

I tried to send and receive emai, this blow is result:


            Send Email:      From  to Email Exchange 2003 System

                                    From to à YES

            Receive Email:   From Email Exchange 2003 System to
à NO

                                     From to  à YES

Could you please kindly give a Solution for this ?

If you have any question, please contact with me.


Thank you very much .





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