ssh to root

Steve Bertrand steve at
Thu Jan 21 04:09:22 UTC 2010

Aryeh M. Friedman wrote:
> I need to set up a machine so that I can type "ssh [host]" as root from
> some other host and I get a prompt with super user privs... I already
> have set this up for user at host for root and ssh host for normal users...
> but root still asks for a password after I set the authorized_keys file
> in ~root/.ssh.. I have looked at ssh_config(5) but can't tell what
> option (if any) does this... if anyone is coruious the final goal here
> is to set up a sysutils/fusefs-ssh for this host (already installed and
> working for normal users but want to make it so it is done as root)

Don't do it.

*never* permit root-level access directly to *any* of your equipment.

You want to provide as many levels of escalation to root level as you
can, no matter what protocol you are using.

Auth in as a normal user (as you stated is already working), and then
use sudo(8) to escalate yourself.

If you can already "ssh [host]" as a normal user, then you already have
the concept of keys.

You can automate the escalation after you've authenticated, and then do
what you want to do.


...don't do it.



# pkg_add -r sudo
# rehash
# man sudo

Then, when/if you have problems with specific functions that need root
privileges, ask those questions here instead.

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