Automatic Network Settings at New Location

Steve Bertrand steve at
Wed Jan 20 01:34:48 UTC 2010

Diego Montalvo wrote:
> weird, I had restarted FreeBSD, and did not work, needed to completely
> close down, reopen  virtualbox and relaunch FreeBSD...  DHCP kicked
> in!  Danke!

Niets te danken ;)

I didn't know that you were using Virtualbox. Since I've never used it
before, I don't know how that would affect the config loadup.

After re-re-reading your original post, I figured you must of had the
rc.conf setting in place, or else it wouldn't have worked in the first

Out of curiosity, does re-running `dhclient` rectify the situation when
moving between different networks, without a cold start?

fwiw, other than a couple of lab boxes, I don't have any FBSD boxes that
are on DHCP...


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