8.0-RELEASE Hanging on boot-up/Harvesting

RW rwmaillists at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 19 21:21:10 UTC 2010

On Tue, 19 Jan 2010 18:34:19 +0000 (GMT)
Andy Hiscock <andyjhiscock at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Thought Id give Version 8.0-RELEASE A go on a server Im building for
> someone.   All went well except when it comes to boot-up.   Works
> though the config until it gets to some sort of networking
> routine/initiating.  The line said something about "Harvesting
> ppp/Ethernet"?

I think that's probably a red-herring - if  the line ends with
quickstart you can rule it out.

Commonly that initrandom output is last line to display before fsck
runs, the actual sequence is:


my guess is that it's hanging on fsck or possibly swap1.

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