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E-commerce Payment Gateway Solution:
(E-commerce Gateway Solution for United States and Canadian Merchants)


Federated Payments- USA Merchant Accounts

MSI Canada- Canadian Merchant Accounts 



About Us

Federated Payments / MSI Canada is a credit card payment processor in the United 
States and Canadian marketplace.  We have an “A” Industry Rating with the BBB 
(Better Business Bureau) and annually process over 2 billion dollars in credit 
card payment transactions. Established in 1998, Federated Payments recently 
took its place as one of the Top 50 Payment Processors in the Industry and 
is considered the fastest growing Processor according to the Neilson Report.  
We service more than 20,000 merchants across the country and employ 150 sales 
support and technical staff in the United States and Canada. Federated Payments 
operates as Merchant Services Inc. Canada (MSI Canada) as its Canadian operations. 


Recognizing the Gateway Problem

We are aware of the difficulties web developers experience when adding shopping 
carts to sites and then to face security compliance issues when Payment Gateways 
are to be integrated.  In most cases, the client’s bank does not support an 
online payment gateway solution. This begins the clients search to find the 
right bank that will approve or provide a payment gateway that can comply to 
the shopping cart security standards.   After this step is complete, the client 
is left to babysit the bank to ensure correspondence is maintained with the 
web developer until task is complete.  


For any developer, dropping the ball at the end is simply bad practice hence 
integrating PayPal saves the client from anguish and despair temporarily. PayPal 
charges high credit card processing rates which leads to even more client despair 
in the end. Professionalism is lost when the gateway page re-directs the customer 
to a process he is not interested in fulfilling.  PayPal should be considered 
an additional feature and not the primary gateway function. Required customer 
sign-ups and account verification processes deter customers from returning 
to PayPal sites. Client loses retention momentum.


SafePay Solution 

The SafePay Gateway Program is a solution for merchants to process online in 
a secured manner without giving up large profits for processing. We offer the 
“Lowest Rate Guarantee” to every client that comes on board. Included with 
the SafePay Program is the Backend Gateway which enables clients a backend 
to enter orders manually, to put customers on recurring payments, pull reports, 
customizable fields, download/upload Quick Books file feature , multiple user 
with Admin control features and much more.  A demo will be provided to your 
client for training by our technicians.



SafePay Payment Gateway Solution Features: 

·        Enables real-time online transaction processing

·        Fully CISP and PCI Certified

·        Free Quick Click Shopping Cart- Or connect with over 80 certified 
shopping carts

·        Recurring Billing- Bill your customers daily, weekly or monthly for 
as many payments as requires

·        Cardholder Authentication Card Programs: Verified by Visa, MasterCard 

·        Virtual Terminal-  With a Level 3 intuitive user interface, you will 
be able to authorize, process and manage credit card transactions manually 
from any computer that has an internet connection. 

·        API Integration- With API Integration solution your merchants will 
utilize the highest level of secure transaction infrastructure available. 

·        Batch Upload Process- With batch upload processing you will be able 
to control and approve transactions manually prior to settlement.  The batch 
processing system automatically allocates the batches in 1/16 bins and reduces 
overall processing time to a fraction of your competitors. 

·        Electronic Check- Electronic Check is a payment solution that enables 
online and traditional merchants to accept and process electronic check payments 
directly from their Web site’s storefront or through the Virtual Terminal.  
By accepting electronic checks, you are able to expand the payment options 
available to your customers and thereby increase sales.  



Solution Option 1 

Federated Payments and MSI Canada offers one of the best Payment Gateway programs 
in the industry known as Safepay. To simplify the shopping cart integration 
to our payment gateway, here are some free shopping carts we support:


Free Supported Shopping Carts:


OsCommerce.com, nopdesign.com, virtuemart.net, zencart.com, precisionweb.net  


Solution Option 2

Our technicians are equipped to handle any type of shopping cart in the marketplace. 
Custom built designs are accepted with additional security compliance testing. 
This means that the majority of shopping carts fall into compliance with our 
payment gateway solution after testing.


Simple Process 

·        When an e-commerce site is ready for a Payment Gateway, a member of 
our team will need to contact your client and provide the best credit card 
rates for their industry.

·         Send an e-mail to Mr. Arshi with the client and designated developer 

·        As part of the package, we will offer your clients the “Lowest Rate 
Guarantee”.  For any bank, association or processor that can beat our credit 
card rates, we will match or beat them over and over again. Guaranteed.   This 
leaves your client to have the best possible rates all the time. 
Peter Arshi
Regional Sales Executive
(International Partnerships Program)
tf:   +1-888-743-5458
fx:   +1-888-743-5457

ce:  +1-647-284-4678
em: parshi at msicanada.net

·        We offer very competitive online transaction rates for Visa, MasterCard, 
Amex, Discover, JCB,  and Diners Club. Merchant rates will range based on sales 
volumes, credit card type and nature of business. Rates will vary.

·        Once the contract is complete and approval is obtained from our head 
office, one of our technicians will be in contact with the designated developer 
for gateway integration and testing via e-mail.  The Developer will be provided 
with style choices for the Payment Gateway and/or Shopping Cart for client 
for review. 

·        Once the style(s) are selected, the gateway and/or shopping cart code 
will be connected by our technician with the help of your developer.  This 
arrangement can be further discussed with technician.

·        Once functionality and security compliance are tested and passed, 
your client is ready to make his first sale on his website. 


We are introducing Safepay to web developers as it is an essential tool to 
maintain and sustain retention in this competitive marketplace.  Our strong 
reputation as a Payment Processor will enable your company to provide a “Complete” 
E-commerce solution to your clients from start to finish. We guarantee it. 
 If have any questions, please contact Mr. Peter Arshi. 




Peter Arshi

MSI Canada
Regional Sales Executive
(International Partnerships Program)
tf:   +1-888-743-5458
fx:   +1-888-743-5457

ce:  +1-647-284-4678
em: parshi at msicanada.net

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