gmirror+gjournal: spontaneous reboots on "excessive" disk access

Michael Grimm trashcan at
Sun Jan 17 17:28:55 UTC 2010

Hi --

I'm running a gmirror raid1 plus gjournal for a year now. This is a
7.2-RELEASE-p6 right now. Both disks are regular ATA and healthy
according smartctl.

Sometimes, not always though, I do experience spontaneous reboots
without leaving any hints in logfiles whenver I "beat" my disks
"excessively". This might be something like:

        dd if=/dev/null of=/some/file bs=1M count=4k
        parallel disk accesses by mail and news server.

If I omit all parallel disk access those dd's will run to completion
without reboots, always.

It might well be that there is something wrong with my hardware
(co-located, no access to the console available). Thus, before
addressing support I'd like to know: has anyone else seen reboots 
under those conditions?

to let

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