Force use of latest version of Apache

Bill Moran wmoran at
Sat Jan 16 14:49:06 UTC 2010

On 1/16/10 7:52 AM, Carmel wrote:
> As a relatively new user of FreeBSD, I am confused about what to put in
> the '/etc/make.conf' file to force the use of Apache22+.
> I was thinking that perhaps:
> 	APACHE_PORT=www/apache22
> might be correct.
> I was reading the file and noticed that several older
> settings were depreciated. I have the latest version of Apache
> installed and I want to insure that I don't inadvertently end up with
> several different versions, or an older version installed.

What kind of problem are you having?  I've found that once I install
an Apache port, all dependent ports use the installed port, it's
only when I've installed a dependent port (such as PHP) without
Apache already installed that I get an obsolete version of Apache.


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