Correcting misconceptions? (was Re: Server set up)

Rolf Nielsen listreader at
Sat Jan 16 06:28:40 UTC 2010

On 2010-01-16 04:53, Jon Radel wrote:
> Rolf Nielsen wrote:
>> Secondly (also just for clarity, I guess), most of your post is OT, as
>> it is basically a reply to my post, and my post was OT as it was
>> simply a reaction to the original poster's mistake of saying Linux and
>> meaning FreeBSD.
> Which makes your latest, what, OT cubed?

Point taken. Subject changed...

> On a marginally more serious
> note, how would you propose to start an effort to spearhead the "BSD is
> not Linux, Linux is not UNIX, but good luck telling them apart until
> you're a propeller head like us" educational campaign? (Harking back to
> your, "Isn't it time we try to correct this," query.) There are probably
> more useful messages to try get out about FreeBSD than, "No, it's not
> Linux, and we'll beat the snot out of you if you get confused in public."

The part I wanted to correct is the idea that FreeBSD is a Linux distro. 
Whether or not people believe Linux is Unix, I don't really care about. 
My point was that if people believe Linux is another name for Unix or 
even that Unix is another name for Linux may be the cause of the 
misconception that FreeBSD is a Linux distro.

And of course there are more meaningful messages, and more important 
ones. I never suggested it should be made top priority. I said I think 
it matters, not that it's the foundation on which the world stands. And, 
without changing my belief that it does matter, I will say that most 
importantly for me, I know the difference and that is one of the reasons 
why I chose FreeBSD.

How it should be done? A good start would be to not just say "It's not 
Linux" if someone asks, but give a brief explanation to why it isn't. 
Handing out leaflets or making t-shirts isn't what I had in mind; it's 
not that an important issue. And beating the snot out of people isn't 
quite my idea of education.

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