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Fri Jan 15 23:53:46 UTC 2010

On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 10:37:09PM +0000, davidoweir3 at wrote:

> I will be deleting the Window's stuff on the machine 

OK.   Good idea.

> How would i SSH to the Linux pc and what software should i install
What Linux pc?
Anyway, FreeBSD base system inclused SSH.

> I was going to install mySQL and apache plus PHP + tomcat and webmin and 
> do i need to install bandmin and Email's software like Thunderbird and 
> openoffice and i have it on a USB 

I don't know what bandmin is.

I use sendmail for my MTA.  For an Email reader  I actually use MUTT -- an 
older text based Email program.  It is easier to handle large amounts of 
Email than the graphics oriented readers.   Depends on where your Email 
comes to and lives.  If it will come to and originate on the FreeBSD system, 
you can use the default sendmail that comes with it for your MTA and whatever
you want for the reader/composer.   If you really read and compose your 
Email on another machine like your ISP or on gmail or yahoo and access it 
with a browser, you don't actually need an Email reader utility.   Although
it is  useful to have one that will work with your browser for those times
you want to click on one of those 'sendto' Email links in a web page.

You don't need openoffice for Email, but it is good for wordprocessing
and spreadsheets and stuff like that.

> for ram and disk space how do i see how much i have on my machine 

If you have W98 running on it I think you fish around in your control
panel page or my computer or something like that.

If you have alread wiped W98 and can boot the install disk, you 
can look at the boot messages.

>                   and 
> were do i download free bsd from

I think you need to go to the FreeBSD web site  and
start reading.   It is all there and more, especially including where
to get the ISO files for downloading and how to do the install.


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