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Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Fri Jan 15 22:34:38 UTC 2010

Jerry McAllister wrote:
> Of course, if you plan to dual boot FreeBSD along with the existing
> installation of W98, then you need enough disk for both of them.
> Probably 20 Gbytes each as a minimum.  More is nicer.
> If you want to dual boot, then you will need to acquire a utility
> that will allow you to shrink down the W98 portion of the disk
> to make room for FreeBSD.   There are several available, both for
> a price and free.   The most common one to buy is Partition Magic.
> I have used that successfully until I came to dividing a USB disk
> and it failed on that.   It has some other quirks and limits too.
> The most common free one is gparted which you can download and
> burn to a CD from the net.  Just do a Google search for it.
> There are other free ones.  Two limited ones come with FreeBSD.
> I don't remember back to W98.  Does it use NTFS file system type?
> It the Windos file system is of type NTFS, most of the free partition
> utilities will not work.    I think that gparted is supposed to,
> but I haven't tried it on that.   

NTFS comes with "NT" versions of Windows, that is, NT, Windows 2000,
and everything since then.  W95 and W98 used FAT filesystems.  Fat32
was the default for Win98 IIRC.


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