Crontab not working??

Kaya Saman SamanKaya at
Thu Jan 14 00:20:36 UTC 2010


I installed logwatch from ports only it didn't install a crontab for me 
like Linux or Solaris does so I ended up attempting to copy my Linux 
crontab into FreeBSD.

It didn't work so I tried to cut down areas which I suspected might not 
work and ended up with the syntax below for root:

crontab -l shows:

@reboot           root    /usr/local/sbin/
02 4 * * *     root    /usr/local/sbin/

The interesting thing here is that it shows them as being run:

rd1# cat /var/log/cron | grep logwatch
Jan 12 04:02:00 rd1 /usr/sbin/cron[5882]: (root) CMD 
Jan 13 04:02:00 rd1 /usr/sbin/cron[8898]: (root) CMD 

but only nothing is being emailed to me....?

If I run the pearl file locally as in: /usr/local/sbin/   it 
works fine and email is sent.

I know I am missing something but for the life of me can't work out what!

Can anyone be of assistance?

Many thanks,


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