watching WebEx session on FreeBSD (nearly solved)

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Wed Jan 13 12:43:57 UTC 2010

El día Wednesday, January 13, 2010 a las 09:51:45AM +0100, Matthias Apitz escribió:

> I did now (thanks for your help, Colin):
> - installed the 'User Agent Switcher' addin in Firefox 3.0.7
> - changed the user agent to the above Linux Mozilla
> - installed diablo-jre-freebsd7.i386. and activated the
>   plug-in in Firefox
> this let me see the introduction in
> which seems to be only a flash movie;
> but when I go to some real recorded webEx session the Java VM crashes
> with some Exception that 'trustAnchors paramater must be non-empty';

Follow up:

The problem with 'trustAnchors paramater must be non-empty' was a broken
file /usr/local/diablo-jre1.6.0/lib/security/cacerts (it had only 32
bytes) and I copied it from some other Java:

# cp /usr/local/jdk1.6.0/jre/lib/security/cacerts /usr/local/diablo-jre1.6.0/lib/security/cacerts

Now the Java app is down loaded and starts and I can see the WebEx
Meeting Manager Window; if the 'host' shows some file in this, it is
presented as well; but if the 'host' presents some application (the
remote desktop) only a full green window comes up with no icons or
windows in it....

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