sendmail issues - make fails to create aliases.db in /etc/mail

Gary Kline kline at
Wed Jan 13 00:06:08 UTC 2010

On Tue, 2010-01-12 at 18:11 -0500, Jim wrote:
> >        Yeah, that might work.  I had troubles with aliases and the database
> >        and it didn't resolve itself until I ran newaliases.  But newaliases is
> >        just a symlink to /usr/sbin/mailwrapper.  It calls /etc/mail/mail.conf
> >        with newaliases which point to the *real* binary.  That's where things
> >        disappear down the rabbit hole.
> >
> >        Are you trying to run sendmail as postfix?
> >
> I did install postgress, I didn't expect it to make any changes (I had
> planned on potentially fiddling with it at some point, so I wanted it
> in the jail template).
> I'm assuming it must have made modifications to my system replacing
> sendmail with it?

caution: i'm replying from evo which does not allow vi[m], so this may
be [even more] disjointed than usual...

yes, if you have installed anything over sendmail, the chances are that
it made internal mods to various files that sendmail needs.  i've used
sendmail by-default since 2.0.5 and it was a serious challenge from SVR4
that i had used since about 1986.  i've stuck with sendmail more out of
an unwillingness to have to mess with something new.  more-on-my-plate i
don't need.  prob'ly the same for 98% of the list.

can you make copies of everything you have as-is now?  as root 

#cd / ; # cp -rp /etc /etc.bak; 

and the rest of what you can find?  this way, you'll at least be able to
put things back the way they are at this moment if goinf ahead stalls.  
after you have back-up, rebuild your os and install sendmail from
ports.  /usr/mail/sendmail.  

there are some sendmail-related things in the ports tree you may want to
look into now or later.  at any rate, build the port and try a make -n
install to see what the install would do without the "-n" ...  see where
things get stored.  

---in face, that is one way of finding where sendmail has its files and
directories now---

after you are satisfied that nothing serious will break finish the ports
install with

make install clean

then reboot and test out the new port.  i keep [[[ KEPT; past tense ]]]
a huge file of IPs and hostnames in /etc/mail/access[.db]    i still
deny some sites that i can't discourage with spamblockers in
the /etc/mail/access file.  so, from time to time i keep .bak
files/directories myself.



> Thanks
> -Jim Stapleton

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