pkg_info fails with "leave_playpen: can't chdir back to ''"

Henry Wong hwong at
Tue Jan 12 17:27:29 UTC 2010


Thanks for your response.

Since originally writing that message, I had done some tests (there was a
misconfiguration in mailer that my browser called on the system I was
sending from so the message got sent out much later when it was corrected).

I had tried running the exact same executable both in the jail and 
outside and
got a different set of libraries.  One odd thing that I had also noticed 
is that when I
ran "ldd" against the same executable, I came up with a different set of 
I'm not sure what controls the library searches.  As far as I can tell 
the libraries
are the same also.

However, since then, my /var/run/ld-elf* files have changed.  I no 
longer see
the problem or the differences in ldd.  This may have corrected the problem.


Mike Clarke wrote:
> On Wednesday 30 December 2009, Henry Wong wrote:
>> I'm seeing the same problem with pkg_info on FreeBSD 8.0 RELEASE.
>> However, I also found that even when running as the root user, if
>> I'm in a chroot jail, it does not fail.
> Sometime after experiencing this problem I discovered that my ports had 
> suffered from the accidental introduction of some packages which had 
> been built for rev. 6.4 (see the thread under 
> As a result of this I had to completely remove and re-install all my 
> ports and I haven't seen the "leave_playpen" problem since then. It 
> might be just coincidence or it may be that pkg_info just got confused 
> by all the links to wrong and non-existent libraries. Could it be that 
> the ports in your main system are corrupt but those in the jail are 
> clean?


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