So, did I mis-file this PR? [bin/141175: New cpio(1) in FreeBSD 8 regressed and left out a previous option: -V (dots) [regression]]

Philip Kizer pckizer at
Tue Jan 12 16:11:05 UTC 2010

When FreeBSD-8 came out, it came with a newly rewritten cpio(1) that no longer offered an option I originally started using with SunOS/Solaris, but came to expect on FreeBSD and Linux as well.  Since it was pretty trivial to add it back, I did so and offered the patch in PR bin/141175:


The option is "-V" to print a dot per file copied rather than the much more verbose "-v" and the dots variant that can be useful for some feedback when copying a large hierarchy.

My PR was filed on 2008/Dec/4, over a month ago, yet there has not even been a single response to it.  Did I mis-file it?


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