watching WebEx session on FreeBSD

Michael Powell nightrecon at
Tue Jan 12 12:15:50 UTC 2010

Matthias Apitz wrote:

> Hello,
> Has someone had luck with watching a WebEx session on FreeBSD based
> desktop? As far as I understand, it is somehow Flash and RDP based, i.e.
> some tools like Firefox with flash and a RDP client are required.
> I'm always forced to launch a VM with XP to watch such sessions and it
> would be good for me to overcome this situation.

I recently returned to using FreeBSD as a KDE 4 desktop after experimenting 
with various Linux incantations for a couple of years. I finally got tired 
of it. I had used KDE for years on FreeBSD, but it was always "the hard 
way". There may be different rough edges, but I've always been convinced 
that KDE largely runs better on FreeBSD, especially wrt to 8.0.

Instead of a regular install and subsequent lots of time installing stuff 
this time I wanted to check out PCBSD. There are some things I'm not crazy 
about but for some reason or another they got Flash 10 working in Firefox 
right out of the box. I chose not to use their PIB packaging system for 
installing additional software that is not part of the default. I rebuilt 
the OS with the make buildworld, etc, dance so my kernel is half the size of 
theirs and chose to use portupgrade to manage keeping ports in line. Have 
been steadily installing stuff with ports and so far so good.

I installed the beta 3 DVD they have released because I was mainly 
interested in FreeBSD 8 and the previous non-Beta is 7.x based. I only used 
it as a launch pad and then took over my own maintenance from there.

Now for some reason or another I thought that when I tried the free 14 day 
test account that it was Java based. I don't know why this stuck in my mind 
at all. However, I am able to look at their Flash demo just fine. So it is 
is achievable on FreeBSD.


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