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Gary Kline kline at
Tue Jan 12 04:38:55 UTC 2010

something on the 12th, seattle time, the cable company may control both our voice
lines.  in '95 when we moved in, two lines were not available by the telco.
when they understood that I was physically disabled, the technician came out
the next day and gave us our second line.  

according to him, on each one copper circuit, there were two unused wires that
could be used for a second phone number.  so that afternoon I had a dialup line
and the house had a voice line.

if I'm not mistaken, there are some Qwest people amongst this group.  I would
like to know if what the telephone installer told me 14 years ago was true, and
also, if it is likely unchanged.

sometimes both lines ring when our voice line is dialed.  there is no one at
the telco who believes me; they only believe what they see on their computer

I spend an hour plus filling in an html FORM this afternoon explaining things.
just heard back that they cannot create a problem ticket [or whatever] with the
info I sent.

at any rate, within four hours, the cable company will take ownership of the
second voice line.  I think it is just one physical circuit split in two by a
clever tech.


ps: if you can't ping me sometime mid-afternoon, 12jan10, you know what's
happened.  OTOH, maybe after all these years, somebody fixed things and I'll be
all right -g

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